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What is Outbound Call Centre

Source: Call Centre Helper

It’s no surprise that shoppers today rarely contact businesses due to chatbots and email. However, contrary to popular belief, customers are still most likely to resolve issues on the phone.

Millennials and Generation Z are no exception. An analysis of 45,000 businesses shows more than half of their customers are millennials and Gen Z. Increased capacity for incoming and outgoing calls is a sensible thing for companies. This means that they should invest in both inbound and outbound call centres.

Outbound call centres are an integral part of today’s market. They are used to reach customers in various ways, such as pre-recorded calls, interactive voice responses, and automated phone systems. They are outsourced to an external company. What is an outbound call centre?

If you have any questions about outbound calls and outbound call centres, this article is for you!

Outbound Calls and Outbound Call Centers: Definition

Outbound calls are direct calls to the customer or prospect. It is usually done to build rapport with the customer, gather information, and close a sale. They are most commonly used by salespeople and are also used in marketing campaigns and marketing research.

In an outbound call centre, the agents make calls to customers or prospects (potential customers). In most cases, they are conducting either sales or customer service. They provide telephone assistance to customers and are responsible for connecting with them and providing them with the information they need.

Who uses outbound call centres?

Call centres offer a variety of outbound services today, including:

  • Sales calls and lead generation
  • Customer cross-selling and up-selling
  • Providing proactive customer service
  • Researching the market and gathering information
  • Administering customer feedback and satisfaction surveys
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Collection of debt

The purpose of outbound call centres is to encourage businesses to engage with their prospects and customers to increase sales actively. In an outbound call centre environment, agents typically make many calls per hour – this is typically accomplished using different dialers. Measurements for outbound call centres include the first call close, conversion rate, number of calls per agent, number of calls per account, hit rate, hold time, call abandonment ratio, average call length, list closure rate, and revenue per successful call.

Outbound vs Inbound Call Centres

Do you know the difference between inbound and outbound call centres? You’re in the right place.

An inbound call centre receives customer calls. Since inbound calls typically come from customers with issues or questions, support teams typically monitor these centres.

In contrast, outbound call centres make outgoing calls to shoppers. Sales teams typically do cold calling for potential customers through outbound centres. Outbound calls may also be made to conduct market research and survey shoppers.

Benefits of Outsourcing Outbound Calls

Outsourced outbound call centres provide companies with a cost-effective way to reach their customers. They can also be used to reduce overhead costs and increase profitability.

They can also help companies save money and time. Companies that have outsourced their outbound call centres can manage their customer service and marketing teams more efficiently. They can improve the quality of their service by having a dedicated team focused on customer care. On the side of customers, outsourced call centres can provide them with the best customer experience.


While inbound call centres typically receive calls from prospects and customers, an outbound call centre makes outgoing calls on behalf of your business to prospects and existing customers. A traditional outbound call centre was focused primarily on telemarketing and upselling to customers. Due to legislation and customer pressure on cold calling, making outbound calls to existing customers is becoming more common to provide proactive customer care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the challenges faced by outbound call centres?

Outbound call centres may face various challenges. Customers are more likely to be defensive and wary of outbound calls because outbound calls are typically intrusive and driven by businesses rather than customers (except in cases of call-back requests and proactive customer service). Agents dealing with persistent rejection, lack of interest, or rudeness can find outbound calling quite stressful. Additionally, inbound call centres must comply with legislation.

Why is it essential to have skilled outbound call centre agents?

Outbound call centre agents are experts who can provide an exceptional experience for all their customers. They can understand customers’ needs and provide them with solutions.

Companies need skilled outbound call centre agents because they are essential to customer service. Companies need to find out how best to manage these calls and get the most out of them to meet customer expectations.

What does an outbound call centre need to do for its customers?

The outbound call centre is a service that provides customer service for companies. It is often outsourced to third-party companies. The call centre can be a source of revenue for the company it supports.

The following are some of the tasks that an outbound call centre needs to do:

  1. Provide quick and accurate responses to customers who have questions or need help with their accounts.
  2. Provide information on products or services, such as product pricing, delivery options and return policies.
  3. Answer customer inquiries about billing and payment information, such as the status of their account or how much they owe on their bill.
  4. Provide technical support, such as troubleshooting device or software program problems.

What kind of companies use outbound call centres?

A variety of companies use outbound call centres. They are typically used for customer service and sales. The outbound call centre industry is multiplying as more companies see the benefits of these centres in increasing their revenue and saving time on tasks they would otherwise have to do themselves.