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For the vast majority of businesses, their website is central to their business’ success. For this reason alone, having a great business website is a must. However, it’s not enough to build a great site, your business website needs to be constantly maintained, optimized and updated. Which is time-consuming, sometimes complicated stuff. But why worry about that yourself when a virtual website assistant can worry about it for you?

Pearl Lemon Outsourcing specializes in providing businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals with the help and expertise needed to build, maintain and optimize a great website, one that achieves everything it is supposed to: build your brand, communicate with your customers, clients and target audience, and perhaps, most importantly, sell your products and/or services.

Our virtual website assistants can take on almost any task related to your website. From tweaking your existing site to creating a new one, handling ongoing maintenance, technical SEO and much more, working with a Pearl Lemon Outsourcing virtual website assistant will save you time, money and all kinds of hassles and headaches. In very basic terms, if your website is important to your business, hiring a virtual website assistant is one of the best business moves you’ll make all year.

What Can a Virtual Website Assistant Do?

A virtual website assistant is a virtual assistant who can help you with a variety of website maintenance tasks. If you’ve ever found the process of creating or maintaining a website to be time-consuming, a virtual website assistant could be just what you need to keep your site in top form without having to commit numerous hours to it.

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Here are some tasks that you can immediately delegate to a virtual website assistant from Pearl Lemon Outsourcing:

Website Information Audits

About 47% of your website visitors will look at your services and products before moving on to the next page. This could be great, as it indicates that people are curious about what you have to offer. If your website isn’t helpful enough, visitors will just go to your competitors’ websites until they find one that is.

Our virtual website assistants can help you evaluate the informational content on your website, make corrections and additions, and work on keywords and search engine optimization that will help draw even more visitors to your website.

Content Creation

By now, you’ve probably heard that content is king. But why is that? The days of reprinting uninspired classified ads in the local paper are long gone. Audiences are online, marketing has moved to the digital realm, and content development is more essential than ever before.

Every day, most people are exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements. Because we are constantly bombarded with information, it is critical for businesses to develop strategies to stand out. And it is just this that great content enables people to achieve.

Scheduling Assistance

If you operate a business that relies on website leads, it’s a good idea to hire a website assistant to help you with the process of converting those leads. You can integrate them with your calendars so that they can simply book a phone consultation based on those who fill out your online “schedule a consultation” form, for example.

Customer service. It’s critical that customers who contact your business because they have a specific problem feel heard. The difficulty is that, as the owner of the company, you may not always have the time or energy to offer great customer service, especially if you’re focused on other things like the day to day running of your business.

Working with Pearl Lemon Outsourcing gives you access to experienced, professional customer service focused virtual website assistants who can provide the stellar customer service your customers expect, but you don’t have the time to provide.

Website Design

Maybe you don’t believe a business needs a visually attractive website to be successful. But did you know that 38% of internet visitors will abandon a website if it doesn’t appear appealing?

Outsource the task to a virtual website assistant, who can improve the appearance of your website. But that’s not all. Customer experience (CX) is another very important element of any successful business website, but creating an optimal experience for your website visitors is an art in itself. As well as a big time suck, something you really don’t need.

Pearl Lemon Outsourcing’s virtual website assistants can help you with every aspect of your website’s design – or redesign, from ensuring that the visuals match your brand image to taking care of any CX work to ensuring that your site is fast and mobile-friendly, two musts both in the eyes of search engines and human users.

However, to be most effective, you need to create, publish and publicize content on a regular basis. Written content alone is also no longer enough for many businesses either, you also need to create on-brand, captivating visual and audio content as well. Lots of businesses don’t have a great content creation and content marketing strategy, though.

This isn’t because they don’t understand the importance of content marketing, most of them do. They simply don’t have the time, or resources to devote to it. Working with a virtual website assistant from Pearl Lemon Outsourcing will ensure that you have someone on your team who has the time, talent and dedication you need to make the most of the many benefits content marketing has to offer to anyone.

We’ve shared just a few examples here of what hiring a virtual website assistant can do for your business, there are many more. Pearl Lemon Outsourcing will ‘mix and match’ the talents of our virtual website assistants to ensure that all of your needs are covered. We can even offer you access to multilingual services if needed.

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With a virtual assistant, you can outsource the responsibility of website creation and design to a trained professional without having to meet in person. As a full-time business owner, it can be immensely difficult to learn how to create and manage a great website that your brand deserves apart from all your other responsibilities. A virtual assistant handles all that responsibility for you, tackling every job your website needs, from content creation to graphic design to customer service. 

With a virtual assistant, you can get the website you’ve always wanted without having to stress yourself out about learning WordPress and graphic design quickly. You can get results for your site fast. 

Here are some of the main benefits of using a virtual assistant: 

  • You can save money. You simply can’t beat the price of a virtual assistant. You can get full access to the services of a virtual assistant at Pearl Lemon Outsourcing without breaking the bank, especially when you consider hiring a virtual assistant on an as-needed basis as opposed to a full-time or part-time staff. 
  • You can save time. Let’s face it. WordPress and other major website applications are difficult for anyone to truly master without the proper experience. Rather than spending loads of time trying to get the hang of these applications, a virtual assistant will deliver you a website right when you need it. 
  • You can save peace of mind. Constantly managing and upkeeping a website shouldn’t be another responsibility that you have to add to your busy schedule. A virtual assistant takes these responsibilities off your shoulders and allows you to continue managing the big ideas that will push your business forward. 

Almost all businesses can use a virtual assistant in today’s digital age. It can be challenging to deliver a website worthy of your brand to customers if you don’t have the proper experience. In today’s digital age, that’s a major setback that a virtual assistant can help solve. 

However, there are particular businesses for whom a virtual assistant can be even more helpful. Service-based businesses have proven to be incredibly grateful for a virtual website assistant, as their customer service offerings have helped generate numerous leads from their website and improve their digital marketing strategy. 

Here are the primary skills that all our virtual website assistants specialise in:

  • Website information audits – full-scale analysis of your website’s information, content, and SEO keywords
  • Content creation – creating engaging digital marketing content to draw new customers to your site and generate new leads for your business.
  • Scheduling assistance – customer service and calendar management that make sure all your new leads are adequately scheduled and have all their initial concerns answered
  • Website design – eye-catching graphics and artwork that sets your site apart from your competitors 

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