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The idea of hiring a personal assistant is nothing new. Although they have gone under many other names and titles, personal assistants have been helping people get more done, and get it done faster for centuries.

Virtual personal assistants, like those available for hire via Pearl Lemon Outsourcing, are a newer concept. But as we have all become far more accustomed to do a lot more virtually over the past few years, working with a virtual PA is no longer unusual, and it is certainly now far more efficient, convenient and cost-effective than hiring on physical office based staff.   

For some, employing a personal assistant of any kind, including a virtual PA, may seem like an unnecessary step, but there are numerous advantages to doing so.

A personal assistant not only takes care of basic tasks for you, but you can also trust them to handle more sensitive or important matters as your relationship grows to help your life and your business run smoothly.

So, if you’re an overwhelmed entrepreneur who can’t seem to finish your to-do list, consider hiring a virtual personal assistant via Pearl Lemon Outsourcing. It’s better to delegate minor tasks so that you can devote more time and energy to long-term business growth. And it’s better to hire your VA from Pearl Lemon Outsourcing, as we are dedicated to ensuring you get the perfect match.

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How a Virtual PA Will Change Your Business - And Your Life

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Keeping You On Track

As a business minded entrepreneur, you may have five meetings and ten phone calls with people from all over the world in a single day. You’d lose your head — and probably a valuable client or two — if you tried to keep track of everything yourself.

Having a virtual personal assistant to help you ensures that you don’t double-book yourself. Each morning, you check in with your assistant to make sure you know exactly what you have planned for the day, and each evening, you debrief with them to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything for the next day.

While some entrepreneurs rely on a tried-and-true paper planner or calendar, we recommend putting your trust in someone else. You don’t want to forget a meeting with a potentially lucrative customer or arrive an hour late for a personal occasion.

Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

The possibility of achieving some form of work/life balance is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs are  often finally persuaded of the benefits of a personal assistant.

While you’re focused on expanding your business, you don’t want to put your life on hold or lose the things that really matter. By delegating to a personal assistant, they can reclaim a lot of time, time that can be spent away from work, enjoying the time away from work that everyone – busy entrepreneurs included – want and need.

Task Delegation

For entrepreneurs, delegation can be a business saving miracle, but it’s one thing they’re typically hesitant to try out. When you’re first starting out, you have to maintain complete control over your situation out of sheer necessity. As you progress, you must let go of that mindset and trust others to complete important (though time-consuming) tasks if you want to truly get ahead and build the business you hoped for.

A personal assistant – including a virtual personal assistant, can take on more than basic business tasks, although the right ones are great at doing just that. A good PA can tackle any number of personal tasks (it’s right there in the title, after all) to ensure your day goes according to plan.

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You entrust your PA with picking up your freshly dry-cleaned suits, checking into your flight, coordinating with your hotel across the pond, and gathering all the information you’ll need to network confidently while flying for a conference. All you have to do now is phone an Uber, saving your energy for the conference.

When you have a particularly good PA on your team, one who learns your preferences over time, it’s like if you’re working twice as hard.

Small tasks can quickly build up to be a significant time drain for entrepreneurs. That’s why we recommend enlisting the help of a trustworthy personal assistant to handle any tasks that may cause you to lose focus.

Hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant is an Investment

Rather than seeing a personal assistant as an expense, successful entrepreneurs see them as an investment. You’ll be able to spend more time on the things that matter most to you – development, revenue, and brand recognition — if you hire a personal assistant or two.

Consider how much more productive you could be if you weren’t wasting time on trivial activities multiple times a week. You’d rapidly repay yourself the cost of hiring a personal assistant with the money you’d make with that time.

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It's As If You Had Another You

This could be the most significant advantage of hiring a long-term virtual personal assistant of all. Your PA will come to know you over time, as well as your business, the way things should be done, how you prefer things to be done and much more.

It’s like being cloned if you have someone with the same attitude as you. Your personal assistant will soon be able to write in your voice and react to non-critical communications in your voice. Good personal assistants will be able to write memos, emails, and other important documents in the same way that you do.

This will help your day run much more smoothly and allow you to focus on what matters most – your business.

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Why Choose Pearl Lemon Outsourcing?

Pearl Lemon Outsourcing is a part of the Pearl Lemon Group – a growing number of six-figure firms that all base their operations primarily in virtual space, which means we know just what great virtual staff look like, and what it takes to make any virtual working relationship work. We bring this knowledge to the table in everything we do.

The virtual staff we provide to our clients are as closely vetted as they would be if they were being recruited by an agency providing ‘real world’ staff. Their level of expertise and education in their field is just as high – if not higher – and our commitment to client satisfaction means we will always ensure that the virtual personal assistant – or assistants – we send to you are as close to a perfect match as possible.

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