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What is the function of a virtual marketing assistant? What value can they add to your team? What would your life be like once you’ve hired one? Simple questions, but there are a lot of answers.

Marketing can mean a lot of things in the 21st century. While most of it now takes place online, or far more so than it did just a decade ago, even digital marketing encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, from blogging and article writing to social media marketing and promotion to podcasting, video marketing and more.

There are 101 (at least) different ways to market your product or service, or even yourself, and taking on everything involved by yourself is more than a chore, it’s practically impossible. And for many small businesses – even mid-size businesses – the expense of a full time marketing team is something they just can’t quite afford yet.

Working with a virtual marketing assistant gives you access to the marketing skills you need, and the personnel to execute our strategies whenever you need it. You don’t have to worry about the hassle and expense of making a full time hire yourself, about the accounting complications that come along with doing so, or even worry about where they’ll sit or what kind of coffee they like. A virtual marketing assistant from Pearl Lemon Outsourcing is the help you need, hassle-free.

Virtual Marketing Assistant Vs. In Office Help

If you need marketing help, why choose a virtual marketing assistant over making an in office hire? There are plenty of good reasons, but here are some of the most persuasive arguments for making that decision.

The first is the financial aspect. If you hired somebody with marketing experience and the specific marketing abilities you need as a full-time member of your team, it might enhance your marketing efforts, but the hidden expenses involved with that decision might surprise you.

Hiring someone full-time entails paying for perks, bonuses, and the inefficiencies of paying someone to come into work even if they aren’t doing anything constructive. It entails budgeting for holiday leave and implementing a lengthy onboarding process to familiarize someone with your company’s operations.

In comparison, consider how a virtual assistant (VA) typically functions. They generally get to choose their own hours because they can work full-time or part-time. This frequently leads to increased productivity. Full-time employees are only really productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes per day, according to some studies. Outsourcing to a VA who works three full productive hours per day is generally simpler—and easier—for an employer.

As a result of your increased productivity, you will save money. According to some estimates, a virtual assistant can save up to 79 percent on annual operational expenditures.

In short, a virtual marketing assistant can be extremely productive, cost-effective, and have the marketing skill set to fit in at your company.

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What Can a Pearl Lemon Outsourcing Virtual Marketing Assistant Do?

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a critical component of digital marketing, and you’ll need a virtual marketing assistant who knows the fundamentals. They should be able to help you maintain a social media content calendar, assist you with blog creation, understand the various forms of content you can produce, and manage them all with a keen eye for detail.

Working with a virtual marketing assistant from Pearl Lemon Outsourcing offers you a lot more though. Often, while business owners and entrepreneurs are great at what they do, marketing is neither their strong suit or something that they have a particular interest in. These people benefit from working with a virtual marketing assistant who can take marketing off their hands altogether.

As a part of the Pearl Lemon Group, we have access to some of the best marketing talent in the business, so we know just how to find and recruit virtual marketing assistants who boast a wide range of content creation skills, from copywriting and editing to video creation, image based asset creation and more.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a complicated, ever-changing and very time-consuming business. It’s also something that very few businesses and entrepreneurs can afford to ignore. Working with a virtual marketing assistant will allow you to make the most of what the social media world has to offer in terms of marketing potential without taking up too much of your time.

A virtual marketing assistant from Pearl Lemon Outsourcing can schedule your social media calendars, create social media posts, help you determine posting frequency and even which social media accounts are best suited to your marketing plans (as not all of them are.)

Marketing Project Management

A project manager’s job frequently necessitates a certain level of leadership and organization. However, when your team grows, there’s no reason a virtual marketing assistant can’t support you. They can effectively organize a remote workforce, arrange marketing operations, and function as a personal assistant to a whole marketing team.

Marketing Strategy Creation and Management

Marketing isn’t effective if you don’t have a good marketing strategy in place, or the time and discipline to follow through on your plans. With everything else you have to do in a day, knowing this is one thing, actually doing it is quite another.

Your virtual marketing assistant from Pearl Lemon Outsourcing will not only help you stick to a marketing strategy but will also have the skill and experience to help you create it. This means that your marketing campaigns will be more cost-effective and successful, saving you even more money.

The Pearl Lemon Outsourcing Difference

Just a decade or so ago, the idea of working with any kind of virtual assistant was very new. That’s no longer the case, and if we’ve convinced you that hiring a virtual marketing assistant is indeed an idea worth considering, why choose to work with us instead of one of our competitors?

We can offer you all kinds of reasons, and, if you contact us, we can share all kinds of testimonials. But, in a nutshell, it’s the quality of the talent we recruit and our commitment to our clients that really sets Pearl Lemon Outsourcing apart. We work to ensure that not only do we provide you with a great virtual marketing assistant but that this is a person who fits your brand, understands your goals and will be a great team fit, however far away they are.

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A virtual personal assistant’s cost will depend on what features your company requires and what you hope to gain from your assistant. That being said, you can save a considerable amount of money by outsourcing a marketing assistant instead of hiring another employee in-house. If you’re interested in learning more about the cost of a virtual assistant, then book a call with us here!

With a virtual marketing assistant, you can achieve new levels of productivity that you’ve never seen before. Thanks to the added help and information of a virtual marketing assistant, you can save time on the hiring process, better execute your campaigns, and gain access to new ideas and content for your company’s next campaign. A virtual marketing assistant allows you to truly upgrade the productivity of your marketing team and bring engaging content and winning strategy to your next campaign.

Here are some of the primary services that our virtual marketing assistants offer:

  • Content marketing – take control over every step of content marketing, from content creation to copy editing and content management
  • Social media marketing – make the most of social media platforms and transform your business in the digital age
  • Marketing project management – effectively organise your marketing team and arrange marketing operations with your virtual assistant.
  • Marketing strategy creation and management – get help sticking to your marketing strategy and offload tasks to free up your busy schedule. 

Anything involving marketing is appropriate to assign to a virtual marketing assistant. Our virtual marketing assistants are exceptionally skilled in handling all aspects of a marketing campaign, so they’ll be able to handle any task you throw at them. A marketing assistant can further help with the leadership and organisation of your next campaign to ensure that your marketing tasks are dealt with effectively and efficiently. 

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