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Outsourcing vs Offshoring

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Do you ever feel like 24 hours is not enough in a day to accomplish all your business tasks?

Well, what if we can help you solve that problem?

Whether you’re a store around Claremont Square, a shop in Camden Passage, or an establishment near Barnard Park, we have the outsourcing services you need for your business.

Here at Pearl Lemon Outsourcing, we have the best talents you can employ for your business, no matter where you are.

With over 3.6 billion people using cloud technology, working remotely or closely has now been easier than ever– so no worries about their adjacent working routine for your business.

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Why Would You Outsource?

If you’re wondering why you should outsource your business activities, well, here’s why:

1. More Time & Resources

There may be a positive impact on the performance of the organisation if it is outsourced since it can provide additional time and resources to work on your key company components and enables your employees to focus on their essential duties and the future of the organisation.

2. Lesser Expenses

With outsourcing, you become able to turn your operational expenses into variable costs by only paying for the services you intend to use instead of paying for the entire package. In this instance, you will only be charged for the services you receive and their defined outcomes, and you will be able to scale your demands and expenditures under your particular requirements.

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3. Better Financing

If you convert employee-related costs to variable costs, you may be able to use the money you save as a way to strengthen your current processes and infrastructure. We find that this is incredibly accurate at the beginning phases of the existence of a company, product, or marketing campaign, where any amount of help will be greatly beneficial. 

4. Mitigate Risk

If something goes wrong with an employee and it takes a while to train an appropriate successor, instead of panicking and rushing to find a competent replacement. In some cases, it may be the most effective means of continuing to work without delays, ensuring your organisation is protected whenever it is vulnerable and making sure that any risk is mitigated at all times.

Our Outsourcing Services

Take a quick look at the possible outsourcing services we can offer you.

Of course, everything is customisable and negotiable once you have chosen one.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

What is the point of hiring a person to handle your bookkeeping and accounting when there are software products that can help you track your essential finances more easily? It’s because software and tools can’t cover everything. For example, payroll and tax compliance can vary, which only manual bookkeeping or accounting can accomplish. Pearl Lemon Outsourcing can assist you in keeping track of your finances by providing accounting, bookkeeping, and investment services.

Marketing & PR

External marketing teams can be beneficial if you are looking to grow your business quickly and efficiently. As a result, you can focus on the success and future of your organisation while they handle almost every marketing task that needs to be fulfilled. In addition to skilled virtual marketing assistants and PR specialists, we can aid you in developing creative marketing concepts and strategies. The resources they provide can give you access to marketing or PR information you may not have known existed otherwise.


Technology is likely to be a part of every business in the future. With the advancement of technology, our adaptations to the convenience it provided continued. Nevertheless, IT is not as simple to use as one, two, and three and, therefore, is not accessible to ordinary people. It is necessary to hire specialists to handle it for you. Unlike other IT providers, Pearl Lemon Outsourcing’s IT pros are better than the rest. In addition to their extensive skill set, they also have significant experience. When you need a procedure set up or an IT issue resolved, you won’t have to wait days.

Business Sales

We have to admit it. Businesses rely heavily on sales. The survival of a business would be impossible without it. Most business owners or entrepreneurs aren’t sales experts who drive their business or startup revenue. In addition, even if they are, their preoccupation with business operations most likely means they don’t have time to be active sellers. With Pearl Lemon Outsourcing, we can take care of all your sales tasks so you can focus on converting leads, signing up clients, and increasing revenue.

Personal Assistants

“To be in two places at one time” is a well-known saying. Even if the idiom is mostly wishful thinking, it’s beneficial for a business owner to be in two places simultaneously. When several tasks need your attention in a short period of time, you’re only one person, and you can’t split into two unless you’re superhuman or an alien of some kind. However, if you are looking for a helping hand to accomplish these tasks faster and better, a personal assistant can help. The PAs and VAs at Pearl Lemon Outsourcing can help you with any task you need. With their comprehensive, fast, and exceptional communication skills, they are unmatched.

Office Admin

The outsourcing of office administration duties makes sense from a business perspective for small companies, entrepreneurs, and executives in larger companies. This is due to the fact that they need efficiency, time, and productivity. Having an extra hand to handle some vital admin tasks will make their lives easier.  In addition to answering phones, Pearl Lemon Outsourcing offers professional clerical staff who can assist with managing your schedule, scheduling and planning meetings, handling documents, transcribing, and entering data.

If you need more services or want to clarify what these services entail, you can talk to our experts for more information about them.


A Professional Strategy

When you outsource, you strategically cut costs and boost the efficiency of your business.

In other words, it’s a beneficial method that you can use for your business, especially in crucial times.

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The impact on your local team may be harmful if you intend to replace an onshore team with an offshore team. Whenever you outsource to free up your local staff’s time, they’ll be grateful for it since they’ll have more time for other duties since they’ll have more time on their hands. Adding to this, they will have the advantage of being able to finally complete all the immediate tasks they have been putting off for months and years, if not decades.

The outsourcing of business functions has played an increasingly important role in the growth of companies over the past decade, especially in acquiring talent at a rapid pace. This service helps companies to find high-quality employees by connecting them with recruitment agencies. Furthermore, such a move creates new opportunities for highly skilled workers at the same time.

You need to outsource whenever you feel overwhelmed by business operations and need more hands-on help. It is true that you might think that hiring is the best solution, but as you continue to incur expenses to expand, you will also want to reduce your costs as much as possible, which is the opposite of recruiting and training, in fact.

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