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Looking For an Outsourcing Company in Glasgow? Then You Need Pearl Lemon Outsourcing!

Glasgow is Scotland’s most populous city, and one of the most vibrant, happening and fast-paced cities in the north of the UK. It’s well known for the world-renowned Kelvingrove Gallery and Art Museum, Celtic Park football grounds, and the mediaeval Glasgow Cathedral.

It also has the distinction of having been voted the World’s Friendliest City by Rough Guide – twice! It beat the likes of Montreal, Dublin and Tokyo to take the top spot, with people citing the strength of its nightlife, bars, clubs and music scene as major factors.

Glasgow is also notable for its clout in the world of business, having added a huge £47.3 billion gross value added (GVA) in 2019 alone. It boasts a highly diverse and skilled economy that’s growing and becoming more powerful by the day.

If you’re a business owner in Glasgow, it’s likely that you might be on the lookout for ways to encourage growth in your business but don’t have the time or resources to hire extra full-time staff at the moment. Or, you might simply be in need of some short-term assistance to help clear the backlog of paperwork and administration that every business needs to deal with on a regular basis.

Pearl Lemon Outsourcing is here to help, however. We offer professional and highly trained virtual assistants for your business to help take care of the little things so you can concentrate on keeping in control of the most important things when running your business.

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is someone who works remotely, and to whom business owners, entrepreneurs and managers can outsource work. They can help free up valuable time and resources for businesses by dealing with minor administrative tasks and processes that the business may not be able to perform themselves, due to time or lack of capacity.

VAs can be very flexible in terms of the support and assistance they provide and how and when they work. However, some of the most common roles a VA can fulfil are as follows:

Answering and outsourcing or rerouting calls
Data entry
Social media posting
Conducting research
Producing marketing materials
Graphic design
Managing schedules
General administrative support

These may vary based on the type of business they work with and the specific skill sets of individual assistants.

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What Are The Benefits of Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistants are an excellent choice for small businesses and start-ups because of their affordability, flexibility, and adaptability to various business situations. Outsourcing and delegating tasks to VAs also means that businesses can maximise their productivity and enact a more significant influence on the things that matter, such as growth and revenue

In addition, VAs represent a far more cost-effective alternative to full-time hires, as there is less expense involved in bringing them aboard various niches. This can be particularly valuable if you need a specific skill set that you don’t already have in your company, such as graphic design or social media marketing. They also benefit from having years’ worth of experience working across multiple businesses and sectors, which means valuable industry insight that might be otherwise difficult to come by.

Pearl Lemon Outsourcing: The First Choice For an Outsourcing Company in Glasgow

Here at Pearl Lemon Outsourcing, we know the enormous pressure that small- and medium-sized businesses can be placed under when operating. As a business owner, you don’t want to be bogged down in tedious administrative tasks when you should instead be concentrating on driving profits and maximising your business’ full potential. Nor do you want to waste time trying to source unreliable freelancers or temporary staff from agencies who don’t have your business’s best interests at heart.

Our specialised team of virtual assistants is available whenever your business needs additional peace of mind knowing that tasks and processes can be taken care of quickly and effectively. We make sure to understand and empathise with your specific needs and how we can supply your business with the best and most well-suited assistance available. You’ll want someone who gets your company ethic and work culture, and we can provide you with the right people who will integrate seamlessly into your existing workforce.

Our VAs are carefully trained and vetted according to our strict standards. They are professional, flexible, and motivated people committed to delivering the best performance for all areas of your company.

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What Services Does Pearl Lemon Outsourcing Offer?

Pearl Lemon Outsourcing caters to various industries and niches – and we’re expanding our reach to include even more sectors all the time. 

For example, our Virtual Website Assistants can be a one-stop-shop for all tasks and processes related to maintaining and tuning up your company’s online web presence. They are experienced in conducting website audits, crafting content, handling SEO queries, and even helping to transform the design of your business’ website. When dealing with something as crucial as your company’s online presence, you’ll want someone talented and skilled enough to know exactly what works and what doesn’t – without the hassle of committing dozens of hours into doing so.

Or, if you’re a call centre operator, our Call Centre Outsourcing services could be the key to unlocking your business’ full potential. Our around-the-clock and multilingual support is on hand to help relieve the burden of answering calls while providing outstanding customer- and client-facing service at the same time.

These are just a couple of services that Pearl Lemon Outsourcing offers, so be sure to get in touch to learn more about how we can provide you and your business with the support and help you deserve.


Virtual assistants provide administrative and clerical support to their clients remotely for a variety of tasks. They’re mostly used to ease stress or save time for organisations that don’t have the resources to perform all of their responsibilities with their current personnel.

VAs can specialise in a wide range of jobs and responsibilities, and the services they give will vary depending on the client’s needs and the type of business they run.

VAs can vary greatly in cost depending on the tasks they’d be expected to perform. However, they generally range from around £15 to £30 for standard executive support, and upwards of around £40 to £75 for more complex high-level duties.

Virtual assistants are often expected to have the following key capabilities in order to perform their role effectively: 

  • Organisational skills
  • Time management
  • Responsiveness
  • Reliability
  • Self-motivation
  • Initiative

The most important, however, is that any VA you hire should have the right skills, competencies, and attitudes that will be best suited for you and your business.

Virtual assistants are becoming more and more popular as managers and business owners are becoming more familiar with the numerous benefits of employing VAs.

This is especially relevant in light of the pandemic, where remote working has become ubiquitous, and outsourcing work to employees working remotely has become more common. Business owners are no longer expected to carry the burden of paperwork and admin tasks.  

The simplicity of bringing VAs on board and the minimal costs and expense involved in using them also means that they’re in high demand for smaller to medium-sized businesses who need temporary, flexible assistance on a month-by-month basis.

As many VAs come from a secretarial or office-based background, many of them will have a wealth of experience working with programmes and software to help them perform effectively. These may include:

  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Teams
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Workspace
  • Adobe Suites
  • LastPass
  • Todoist

VAs may also have experience in industry-specific software if they specialise in one or more niches, such as finance or marketing.

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