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Looking For an Outsourcing Company in Bristol to Help Support Your Business? Pearl Lemon Outsourcing Is Here to Help

Located in the southwest of England on the river Avon, Bristol is a city rich in culture, history and heritage. It’s a destination beloved by locals and visitors alike, having been voted the kindest city in the UK in a 2016 survey, and named as one of the 10 happiest cities to work in the UK by the Guardian.

It’s also home to a variety of artistic and cultural attractions, including street art festivals, various TV and film studios, and Europe’s largest hot air balloon festival, held every year in August. 

Business is also booming in Bristol, as a 2021 study found. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, a record 5,500 new companies were formed in the Bristol area in 2020, indicating a 10.3% growth from the previous year

It may be that you’re a business owner in Bristol who’s struggling under increased demand and pressure being placed on your business. Or perhaps your company could just use an extra pair of hands to help lighten your workload, but you don’t have the funds or resources to hire and onboard a new employee.

This is where Pearl Lemon Outsourcing can help.

Pearl Lemon Outsourcing can offer your businesses, expert virtual assistants, to help with a variety of administrative tasks and roles. We are experts in our field, and pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality of staff on hand to help with your day-to-day operations.

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone a business can take on to help with various administrative tasks in order to help free up time for business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs. They work remotely from home, and are often flexible in terms of the hours they can work, and the services they can provide for businesses.

Below are some of the most common roles a virtual assistant can take on for businesses:

Answering and outsourcing or rerouting calls
Data entry
Social media posting
Conducting research
Producing marketing materials
Graphic design
Managing schedules
General administrative support

The specific duties of virtual assistants will vary according to the type of business they’re contracted to work with, and the size of the business itself.

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What Are The Benefits of Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistants have become increasingly popular with small businesses and start-ups in recent years because of their flexibility, affordability, and ease in which they can be brought on board.

Outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant means that business owners can use their time much more productively, such as focusing on growth and revenue. Virtual assistants can also be valuable in terms of the increased productivity and client satisfaction they’re contracted to deliver. They also usually already come equipped with the skills needed to perform tasks efficiently and effectively, which also means less time and expense spent training new, under qualified hires.

This can also be a significant benefit when you require a skill set that doesn’t already exist in your company. For instance, hiring a virtual assistant who’s adept at graphic design can be a real boon if you don’t have anyone in your workforce with the skills to design a new logo for your website.

Finally, as virtual assistants are considered to be independent contractors, the business does not have to supply the same benefits as they would to full-time employees. This can represent significant savings on funds often reserved for labour costs. 

Pearl Lemon Outsourcing: The First Choice For an Outsourcing Company in Bristol

Pearl Lemon Outsourcing understands that in order for your business to grow and succeed, you need the time and space to concentrate on the important things. Getting snarled up in small, insignificant admin tasks and paperwork every day can be a hindrance that prevents your business from achieving its full potential.

Our team of expert and professional virtual assistants are on hand to ensure that you can get peace of mind knowing that tasks and processes are getting done properly and efficiently. We also take the time out to ensure that we listen and understand your specific needs, and how you can get the most out of virtual assistants. We understand that not every type of assistant will be best suited for your business, and it’s our job to help find the best assistant who will integrate seamlessly into your day-to-day processes.

Our virtual assistants are carefully vetted and rigorously trained to ensure they meet our high standards. We are proud to be able to deliver virtual assistants for your business who are highly motivated, professional, and are quick to adapt to any possible situation or problem that might occur for your business.

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What Services Does Pearl Lemon Outsourcing Offer?

Pearl Lemon Outsourcing specialise in a range of different industries and niches to ensure that your business can find the extra support it needs to grow and flourish.

For example, our Business Outsourcing services can provide assistance with anything from getting your bookkeeping and accounting in order, to drafting compelling marketing materials, or injecting instant growth to your sales targets.

We are also highly experienced in helping businesses address their inbound and outbound call duties. Our virtual assistants are located around the globe and can be available 24 hours a day to answer calls and help address queries, which means that your business can follow up on every single lead and never miss an opportunity to expand and grow. This can be invaluable for small businesses just starting out, who may not have the time to qualify for every single lead in their own time. 

To find out about the full range of services our virtual assistants can offer you, be sure to get in touch with us for a friendly chat about what your specific needs are and how Pearl Lemon Outsourcing can best support you.

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Virtual assistants offer administrative services to their clients remotely for a range of services. They are primarily used to help relieve pressure or to save time for businesses that may not have the capacity to complete all of their tasks using their current workforce. 

Virtual assistants may specialise in a variety of tasks and duties, and what specific services they provide will vary based on the needs of the client and what type of business they run.

The costs of hiring a virtual assistant may vary greatly depending on the range and complexity of tasks required for them to perform. Generally speaking, though, an hourly rate of about £15 to £30 is normal for executive services, and higher-level tasks could see hourly rates of around £40 to £75.

Below are some key skills that you should be looking for in virtual assistants:

  • Organisational skills
  • Time management
  • Responsiveness
  • Reliability
  • Self-motivation
  • Initiative

Most importantly though, a virtual assistant should be an ideal fit for you and your business in terms of the skills, attitudes, and competencies they bring to the table.

Virtual assistants are becoming rapidly more mainstream in the business world as more and more people start to realise the positive effect they can have on day-to-day processes.

Since the start of the pandemic, remote working is becoming much more widespread, and businesses are becoming more comfortable with the idea of outsourcing work out to external contractors to help relieve workloads for their full-time staff. 

In addition, the ease in which businesses can take on virtual assistants with minimal labour costs and time wasted makes them an increasingly popular and in-demand resource for many small to medium-sized businesses.

Many virtual assistants will likely be experienced in a range of programmes and software in order for them to do their job as efficiently and smoothly as possible. These may include: 

  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Teams
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Workspace
  • Adobe Suites
  • LastPass
  • Todoist

Virtual assistants may also be experienced in industry-specific software if they specialise in one or more niches, such as graphic design or accountancy.

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