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Need Assistance?—Private Personal Assistant Roles

In today’s society, with the principle of work-life balance, it is difficult for individuals to find the time and energy to conduct their personal tasks. To help with this issue, there are private personal assistants that can assist with personal tasks like scheduling, grocery shopping, paying bills & more.

A private PA helps individuals manage their daily lives. A personal assistant may help with household chores, business communications or both. A private personal assistant can work for a government agency that assists the elderly or disabled, for a firm that specialises in pairing clients with personal aids, or as a self-employed private contractor.

Private personal assistants can also be referred to as “personal assistants” or “secretaries.”

Personal assistants are

 responsible for a variety of tasks

Personal assistants are required to perform a variety of duties which may vary significantly from one employer to another. Job description of a private PA may vary, but here are the most common functions and roles of a personal assistant:

House Managers

A house manager’s task is to manage a household. They run errands, drive you to your appointments, buy groceries and prepare meals, and clean the house. They may also pay bills and answer phone calls for you.

Personal Attendants

Personal assistants plan appointments and run errands for their clients. Depending on the client’s needs, they can manage personal tasks like arranging a housekeeper’s appointment for you, dropping off and picking up laundry, managing parties, and even relocating may be included in their services. Unlike a house manager, personal attendants typically make appointments and run errands.

Personal Shoppers

Clients hire personal shoppers to buy groceries, housewares, furniture, clothing, and accessories for them. Clients may either shop with their personal shopper’s guidance or have their personal shoppers go without them and deliver the items to their address. Usually, this service is availed by clients to shop for limited and hard-to-find luxury items.


People with disabilities can benefit from the services of personal assistants in several ways. Providing help with daily tasks and personal care that a person with disabilities may have a hard time doing is the primary role of a caregiver. They may help with showering, preparing meals, and assisting their clients in their daily errands.

Business Personal Assistants

Despite their title of administrative assistant or executive assistant, personal business assistants have duties that go beyond administrative work. Among their duties are scheduling appointments, screening emails, and doing research on the client’s behalf. Additionally, they can arrange travel arrangements and organise parties and other special events.

Virtual Assistants

These professionals work for their clients from the comfort of their own homes, assisting them with business and personal tasks. Among the things they can do are set up appointments, screen emails, enter data, and contact customers. A virtual assistant can handle tasks that don’t require physical presence.

Qualifications of a personal assistant

The position does not require any formal education, but most employees prefer personal assistants to have an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. Personal assistants who will be working in a specialised field might be required to have a related educational background. For example, those who want to be a personal business assistant must have a good understanding of that profession, and those who would like to be in caregiving must be knowledgeable about handling patients with disabilities and their conditions.

Organisation and time management skills are generally required of a personal assistant. A calm, composed demeanour is often considered an asset for people in this profession as they would have to reschedule appointments and events owing to changes in their personal lives. They must be able to maintain a stable relationship with their clients by being excellent at communicating with them.


Personal assistants can be used for various tasks that might otherwise be too difficult for you to do by yourself. They can help with writing and research, scheduling, preparing presentations, and other tasks. A personal assistant can also be great for busy individuals who might have difficulties juggling their tasks.

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Do you need a degree to be a personal assistant?

No. Generally speaking, you don’t need a degree to qualify as a private personal assistant. However, having an excellent educational background and experience will give you an advantage.

What qualities make a good PA?

A good private personal assistant excels at organisation and time management.